Steadfast, Experienced Nursing Malpractice Defense Lawyers

We Zealously Represent Nursing Professionals in New Jersey

The hands-on nature of nursing makes nursing professionals a target for hospital patients. We vigorously fight all allegations of malpractice. For over 35 years, we have represented New Jersey nursing professionals in complex cases. Our firm is committed to the zealous representation of our clients.

A Strong Defense Requires Strong Advocates

Focusing on medical malpractice defense for more than three decades, our firm knows how to effectively litigate nursing malpractice cases. The legal team is led by founding partner Jeffrey A. Krompier, who is a New Jersey and national certified civil trial attorney, New Jersey Super Lawyer and Elite American Lawyer. Drawing from experience, we build a solid and persuasive defense by proactively conducting extensive investigations, compiling crucial evidence, conducting discovery and retaining leading experts. Our attorneys aggressively seek to establish that you:

  • Did not deviate from the accepted standard of care
  • Exercised appropriate nursing judgment
  • Were not responsible for the events that led to the outcome
  • Were not the cause of the injury or outcome

We Represent Clients in all Types of Nursing Malpractice Claims

Our tenacious malpractice team defends all types of claims, including:

  • Medication Errors
  • Failure to Implement Orders
  • Failure to Monitor
  • Failure to Follow Proper Procedure
  • Failure to Assess a Patient’s Condition
  • Failure to Document
  • Improper Use of Medical Equipment
  • Failure to Communicate

If you or your employees have been accused of nursing malpractice, the attorneys at Krompier & Tamn are available to defend you.

As stressful as this entire process was, I could not have been better prepared for it. It was a pleasure working with Jeff... He took the time to get me through each phase of the trial and made sure I was well prepared...

PA- C Milagros M., Certified Physician Assistant